Bennett House, Adult Day Care is an Oasis for ailing Seniors, and offers relatives a break

Bennett House Logo

For 35-year-old Sandy Wong, life can be hectic. Wong is raising four children, holding down a business and taking care of her 82-year-old father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Of all her responsibilities, caring for her father can take the most time and energy, Wong said. ”Dad can be as demanding as a young child — sometimes more so”, ‘‘He needs constant supervision” Despite the need for supervision and attention, Wong said her father is physically fit and fairly independent. For this reason, and because he is part of the family, Wong does not want to place him in a nursing home. Fortunately, Wong has access to Bennett House, an adult day care center, In Coeur d’Alene Idaho “Each weekday morning, Sandy can drop her father off at the center” said Rick Bennett’ Owner of the Bennett House. ‘‘That really makes it possible for us to keep him at home, keep him with the family; it is also a lot less expensive than any other option we looked at. It will be a blessing for us. ”It definitely relieves that pressure for a while”, said Wong.

Rick Bennett saw the need for an adult day center after taking care of both of his parents in the last few years of their lives. I know how hard 24/7 care is said Rick A fast growing industry, the rising demand for adult day care is partly because Americans are living longer, health care experts said. And at the same time, more women are working and cannot stay home to care for elderly parents.

“Adult Day care, which generally costs around $70 a day, also is a less expensive alternative to a nursing home”, said George Cunningham Co-owner of Bennett House. “For some of those charged with caring for elderly spouses or relatives, the idea of using a day-care service is initially hard to swallow. A lot of times we have to sell families on it”, said George. Sometimes the elderly are resistant, too. ”They say, ‘I don’t want to spend all that time with all those old people,” he said.

“But once people get in an adult day-care program, they generally find it to their liking”, Rick said.

Bennett House provides:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Musical entertainment and sing-a-longs
  • Mental stimulation games such as bingo
  •  Stretching or other gentle exercise
  • Discussion groups (books, films, current events)
  • Holiday and birthday celebrations
  • Enhanced or maintained level of independence
  • Socialization and peer support
  • Nutritious meals and snacks.
  • A safe place for friendship.


“I love what we do” said Rick. Bennett House Adult Day Care Center is special; a family-like setting with professional staff. Your loved one can enjoy our gardens, library and media room. While providing a safe, vibrant and socially engaging environment; we help our seniors make the center their place – to see their friends, be active and social, and just do the things they love.

Bennett House will be opening Jan 3rd 2014 the address is 1095 E. Timber Lane, Coeur d’Alene, their business hours will be Monday – Friday 7am-7pm. For more information call 208-651-9060

You can find the Bennett House on fb:  facebook

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Local Company Biogone is a Service and Ministry

Rick in Hazmat gearThe sights and sounds of traffic accidents are a part of daily life: Crumpled fenders, broken glass, sirens, flashing lights, ambulances.

But few see the aftermath of natural deaths, killings or suicides up close, except for law enforcement officers, emergency medical workers and, almost always forgotten, the people who must clean up.

Sometimes the cleanup work falls to the families. But professional companies which tend to crime scenes are part of a growing, specialized industry, often advertised only as flood and general cleanup services.

It is not a job for everyone.

“We see the worst of humanity every day,” said Rick Bennett, Owner of Biogone in Coeur d’Alene Id.

“Working with these scenes every day can wear down a technician. Working in one room and hearing a family crying, just wailing in the next room isn’t easy.” the largest and the only locally owned certified bio-hazard Removal Company in the Northwest founded by Rick Bennett 2009. In part, the industry has come into being because of the liability that property owners, businesses or others can face if a cleanup is not handled properly. “It is a high-risk job that we do,” Rick said. “What you can’t see will hurt YOU. People are finally realizing that. People can become ill, with hepatitis or worse if exposed to some of the substances we cleanup”, he said.

Human death often leaves behind scenes far too graphic to be portrayed accurately on TV, or even in movies, Rick said.

Such depictions are “still not even close to what it’s like in real life,” Rick said. “Most have no idea what a murder scene looks like, and it’s probably good they don’t.

“If you’re the average human being, you probably don’t want to see this. You have to be a little wired to do this job,” he said.

Cleaning up a tragedy is often neither easy nor cheap, and it is sometimes a Herculean effort to erase evidence of some of the most traumatizing events in a humans life, or death.

The work can include collecting body parts or pulling up floorboards soaked with bodily liquids, said Rick.

Equally challenging is the odor.

If the odor is too much, he said workers wear gas masks, in addition to their regular full-body suits, which are worn to protect from biohazards and other health hazards.

“No one works bare-handed, and our workers must go through intensive training that teaches them to safely handle potentially infectious substances and to make sure areas that look clean are sterile. Sometimes clean does not equal sterile”, Rick said.

Rick said “We use very specialized products specifically for the job, chemicals that can get stains and contaminants out of porous surfaces like wood grain and walls”.

Fabrics, however, often have to be thrown away.

Hospitals are built to encounter these contaminants and have easy-to-clean nonporous surfaces like stainless steel. But the average home does not.

Shag carpeting, upholstery, wallpaper and paint absorb blood and other liquids, and are easy to contaminate and hard to clean.

Rick said cleanups costs, which are sometimes covered by homeowners insurance, can range from $500 to $10,000, depending on how thorough and extensive the work must be. can do construction and restoration work as well.

“Cleaning up after a gruesome scene can haunt workers if they are not prepared”, Rick said.

Rick said he was rattled as he was cleaning up after a man who shot himself in his car with his 10 year old granddaughter sitting in the seat beside him.

“Once you see that, smell that, touch it, it’s in your head like a photograph,” Rick said. “It’s permanent. You can’t get it out.”

A worker’s job may be to clean, but he also counsels. Family members are often in the house during cleanup, still reeling from the loss.

“We teach our employees to never say certain phrases. Like “I know how you feel,” for example, is off limits, as is, “It’s going to be all right”. “Sometimes it never becomes all right,” Rick said.

Workers are taught just to listen, and to carefully phrase what they say so as not to offend family members.

“I don’t know how I deal with it,” Rick said. “I do this on almost a daily basis, dealing with someone’s crisis.”

Rick said “I also consider it a ministry. We see scenes most would consider nightmares, and sparing family members the horror of having to clean up after someone they love is no small service.”

Thank you Biogone Hazardous Clean-up and Waste removal for bringing your compassionate service to the Coeur d’Alene Community!

For more information Rick can be reached at 208-651-1808 or visit

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Christmas in Coeur d’Alene, and a Story of Hope.

 Here in Coeur d’Alene the Holiday Season is a Celebration and the Atmosphere is filled with Joy, as it should be. Celebrating Christmas in a Grandiose style is a long tradition for the Coeur d’Alene Community. People come from all over the World to experience it.

As many of  us take this as an opportunity to spend time with our friends and families, with our parties and gift giving let’s not forget about those who have been displaced because of hard economic times. Many of the people that are Homeless in our Community are the very same people who helped with the Construction on your Homes when you had them built. Or maybe they cleaned your home, or even served you at your favorite Restaurant.

These people are no less a part of our Community than when they had jobs. Everyone of us have gone through some sort of hard times, whether it was financial, emotional, spiritual and we have had someone there to lean on for Support. Isn’t that what Community is all about?

The following is a true story from a Member of the Coeur d’Alene Community who choses to stay Anonymous. He says this story is about about the Community and not him.

“I came to Coeur d’Alene over 15 years ago. My Truck broke down on my way here and I had to ride the Bus into town, which caused me to be a few days later than I had planned. My friend who had invited me to come to Coeur d’Alene was preparing for a trip to spend Christmas with Family in Oregon and could not wait for me to arrive.

Two Days before Christmas and having no where to stay until my Friend returned, I was able to get into the St. Vincent de Paul’s shelter for Men.  Having been from a Big City I assumed the worst about a “Homeless Shelter”. I found quit the opposite to be true at this one.

Christmas Eve day we were all taken to a Church in Post Falls and fed a really big Christmas Dinner with all the fixings. They even gave each one of us our own plate of goodies for later. Christmas morning we were all given a  Christmas present from Duane Hagadone, and then fed another Christmas dinner.

The Christmas gift contained some warm socks, thermals, a pair of gloves and a stocking cap.  (This is where He began to tear up as he shared his story with me)  That was the day that I knew this was a Community that I wanted to be involved in.

I Married a local girl 14 years ago. I am a Volunteer in a local Recovery Program, and a Member of the Christian Community Coalition. I’m also on Staff with a local Church now. That Christmas day that I received from the Coeur d’Alene Community has helped shape my Life and influenced me to help others in need. My Christmas Prayer is that the Coeur d’Alene Community will continue to share their Love with the Entire Community. Thank You St. Vincent de Paul, Duane Hagadone and the Coeur d’Alene Community for the warm welcome.”       Anonymous.

His story touched me, and reminded me that Christmas is the time for giving, and not receiving.  If each Person did one nice thing for someone else in need the impact on our Community would be incredible! A warm pair of gloves can warm the hands and the soul!

Please find some way to help show some love to those who have fallen on hard times.

Thank You Coeur d’Alene for being one of the best Communities to live in the World!


St. Vincent de Paul can be reached at (208) 457-8380                                                            201 East Harrison Avenue Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814-3240.


Thank You to Jay Stotts a local Photographer for sharing with us the Incredible Picture of this years November 25th Fireworks!


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Union Gospel Mission is extending its services to the poor and homeless into the Coeur d’Alene Community

The Union Gospel Mission is going to be a great addition to what is already a great and compassionate Community.

Here is a video that I think explains the purpose and  mission of the Union Gospel Mission.  There purpose I believe fits in with what the Coeur d’Alene Community is already about.


If you would like to learn more about the progress of the Coeur d’Alene Facility, want to donate, or get involved you can visit the Union Gospel Missions website by clicking here.

As we go into the Holiday Season lets not forget about the needs of so many that are here in our Community. A small gesture goes a long ways.

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

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Smile Pink: Post Falls Family Dental Supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  

Post Falls Family Dental Centers booth to promote Smile Pink at the Susan G. Kommen Race for the Cure.

If you know anyone who has survived cancer or is fighting cancer Post Falls Family Dental Center  would like you to know that they are offering the Smile Pink Program! They place a Pink Swarvski crystal that is reversibly placed on your tooth to support your friends. It is $25, but they offer it complimentary to cancer survivors and all proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Check out for more info. Or call 773-4579

Dr. Erin Eliott of Post Falls Family Dental Center was asked if she would  think about dying her hair pink for the Month of October if people would donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Dr. Eliott replied “I don’t know if I can dye my hair pink. I haven’t ever really died it before, but if the price is right…”  Maybe if enough people will pledge and encourage her she will do it. Go to the Post Falls Family Dental Centers fb page and post an Encouragement, and make a pledge for pink hair!

Rikenna and Teagan sporting their Pink Crystals!


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Selfless Community Contributors

Julie Garron

Everyday we read or see in the News how this or that Company or Individuals are helping our Community.  We tend to forget that there are many People and Businesses that don’t seek or want the Publicity or Recognition for there efforts.

Julie Garron of Long Term Care Design was one who did not boast or seek recognition for her efforts in our Community.

Julie passed away September 6th 2011.  I would like to share with you parts of her Obituary that helps us all understand, and hopefully be humbled by Julies selfless Community Efforts.

Julie was an active member of the Candlelight Christian Fellowship. Her greatest love was for the Lord and her life was a true testament to him in her volunteer work and her witness of his mercy for us. She was the founder of Caregiver’s Selah, a charity that assists caregivers with injured or ill family members, a champion for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and the member of many local boards. She was also the owner of Garron Long Term Care Design which assisted people with the long-term care plans.

Julie was an extraordinary, compassionate, faithful and wise woman that was a great blessing to all who knew her.

Even in Death the Family is asking to continue her selfless efforts with this statement in her Obituary.

Please donate to a Charity of your choice in lieu of flowers. Julie’s favorite Charities were the Alzheimer’s Foundation and Research for Breast Cancer.”

This article is to pay tribute to all of the Community Contributors out there that don’t seek headlines, but seek to help others with there talents and gifts.

Thank You from the Coeur d’Alene Community!!

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Lake City Community Church Food Bank Grand Opening & Community Event

Lake City Community Church Food Bank is inviting all of the Coeur d’Alene Community for an evening of food, fun and fellowship! Come visit our lovely new facility on the LCCC Campus!

GRAND OPENING:  Friday, August 19th! At 4pm.

Evening Events include:

4pm to 6pm    Open House

6pm to 7pm    FREE BBQ, Kids Bouncy Toys, Basketball and Water Balloon Volley Ball for                             Students

7pm to 8pm  Short Church Service

Donations of non perishable times are appreciated! We look forward to meeting you and be able to provide this service to the community!

Food Bank is open on Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm

On Tuesday nights, the Food Bank needs volunteers to help stock shelves and prep boxes for the next day. Come down between 6-9pm to help out! Contact Joyce 208-659-8773 to sign up!

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Community Support


JAMMS Frozen Yogurt is a great Example of a local Business that gives  our Community Support.

On June 26th – June 28th JAMMS Frozen Yogurt offered 10% off to all of there Customers that brought in a Can of Food for the Lake City Community Church Food Bank.  JAMMS raised approximately 400 lbs. of food that has gone to helping feed those in need in our Community.

Great Job JAMMS!!

Thank You for being a part of the Coeur d’Alene Community!

JAMMS Frozen Yogurt has 4 locations. You can visit them on  facebook  for more info or there website .




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A Display of Community Support

I’m sure many of you are aware of the two local soldiers that were killed in Iraq on July 7th 2011 while serving our Country.  Spc. Nicholas W. Newby, 20 and Sgt. Nathan Beyers, 24.

On Friday July 15th Spc. Nicholas Newby’s remains arrived in Coeur d’Alene. There was a procession of Police Escorts, Veterans Motorcycle clubs leading Spc. Nicholas Newby through town.  People were lined up on both sides of the NW Blvd in front of Lake City High School and Lake City Community Church. What I witnessed there was nothing less than true Community Support. People were flying American flags, crying on one an-others shoulders, comforting, mourning and showing there thankfulness for the sacrifice of this dedicated Soldier.

Unexpectedly, when the vehicle carrying Spc. Nicholas Newbys  remains passed by, the traffic on the opposite side of the road stopped completely. The entire Community stopped what they were doing to show there support and respect.

The Love, Compassion, and Support displayed here in the Coeur d’Alene Community far exceeds that of any other in my opinion. It is an honor and privilege for us all to be a part of a great Community.

Thank You All for making Coeur d’Alene one of the best places in the World to live !

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Union Gospel Mission is Coming to Coeur d’Alene

The Need: Statistics on Homelessness in Kootenai County

Kootenai County does not currently have a long-term residential recovery center for women and children. The need for such a center is clear from the statistics below, and as Phil states in the video above: “We’re excited to bring a spiritual dimension where God can transform lives.”

  • The number of homeless individuals living in northern Idaho has increased by 54% from 2009 to 2010.
  • 644 homeless individuals were counted on a single night in January 2010.
  • 27% of these individuals were living in shelters; 73% were without shelter.
  • 43% were female.
  • 21% were under 18.
  • From 2007 to 2010, statistics showed an 89% increase in the total number of homeless individuals and a 173% increase in the number of those individuals who were unsheltered.

(Statistics from the 2010 Point-in-Time Count Report for Region One, Idaho’s five northern counties.)

Read the full Story by clicking on the link below.

Kootenai County Expansion – Union Gospel Mission.

This  article comes directly from the Union Gospel Missions site.

We think it’s a great thing the Union Gospel Mission is doing. We are very Grateful to the local Coeur d’Alene Business men who are helping fund this project. The Coeur d’Alene Community is Great!!

Thank you to Biogone of Coeur d’Alene for thier Support of The Couer d’Alene Idaho Community site.


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