A Display of Community Support

I’m sure many of you are aware of the two local soldiers that were killed in Iraq on July 7th 2011 while serving our Country.  Spc. Nicholas W. Newby, 20 and Sgt. Nathan Beyers, 24.

On Friday July 15th Spc. Nicholas Newby’s remains arrived in Coeur d’Alene. There was a procession of Police Escorts, Veterans Motorcycle clubs leading Spc. Nicholas Newby through town.  People were lined up on both sides of the NW Blvd in front of Lake City High School and Lake City Community Church. What I witnessed there was nothing less than true Community Support. People were flying American flags, crying on one an-others shoulders, comforting, mourning and showing there thankfulness for the sacrifice of this dedicated Soldier.

Unexpectedly, when the vehicle carrying Spc. Nicholas Newbys  remains passed by, the traffic on the opposite side of the road stopped completely. The entire Community stopped what they were doing to show there support and respect.

The Love, Compassion, and Support displayed here in the Coeur d’Alene Community far exceeds that of any other in my opinion. It is an honor and privilege for us all to be a part of a great Community.

Thank You All for making Coeur d’Alene one of the best places in the World to live !

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