About Us


This is a Place to bring the Community together. This is Your Page. Share the things that you are passionate about in the Coeur d’Alene Area (Including all of No. Idaho, Sandpoint, Spirit Lake, Silver Valley etc..)

Share with others Our favorite Restaurants, Stores, Parks etc.. Do You have a Passion for a local Charity, fundraiser or Event? This is the place to share it with the Community.

Local Businesses this is also your Page to share your special deals, events, and to connect with the Community.

We reserve the right to Block any one that does not respect others, or uses profanity on this Page.

We live in one of the greatest places on Earth. Enjoy it, and live life to the fullest.

Promoting Community Events, Fundraisers, Charities, and local Businesses. Bringing the Community together to continue to be the Supportive Community that we are! This site is Sponsored by Promoting All Things Good.