Selfless Community Contributors

Julie Garron

Everyday we read or see in the News how this or that Company or Individuals are helping our Community.  We tend to forget that there are many People and Businesses that don’t seek or want the Publicity or Recognition for there efforts.

Julie Garron of Long Term Care Design was one who did not boast or seek recognition for her efforts in our Community.

Julie passed away September 6th 2011.  I would like to share with you parts of her Obituary that helps us all understand, and hopefully be humbled by Julies selfless Community Efforts.

Julie was an active member of the Candlelight Christian Fellowship. Her greatest love was for the Lord and her life was a true testament to him in her volunteer work and her witness of his mercy for us. She was the founder of Caregiver’s Selah, a charity that assists caregivers with injured or ill family members, a champion for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and the member of many local boards. She was also the owner of Garron Long Term Care Design which assisted people with the long-term care plans.

Julie was an extraordinary, compassionate, faithful and wise woman that was a great blessing to all who knew her.

Even in Death the Family is asking to continue her selfless efforts with this statement in her Obituary.

Please donate to a Charity of your choice in lieu of flowers. Julie’s favorite Charities were the Alzheimer’s Foundation and Research for Breast Cancer.”

This article is to pay tribute to all of the Community Contributors out there that don’t seek headlines, but seek to help others with there talents and gifts.

Thank You from the Coeur d’Alene Community!!

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