Smile Pink: Post Falls Family Dental Supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  

Post Falls Family Dental Centers booth to promote Smile Pink at the Susan G. Kommen Race for the Cure.

If you know anyone who has survived cancer or is fighting cancer Post Falls Family Dental Center  would like you to know that they are offering the Smile Pink Program! They place a Pink Swarvski crystal that is reversibly placed on your tooth to support your friends. It is $25, but they offer it complimentary to cancer survivors and all proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Check out for more info. Or call 773-4579

Dr. Erin Eliott of Post Falls Family Dental Center was asked if she would  think about dying her hair pink for the Month of October if people would donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Dr. Eliott replied “I don’t know if I can dye my hair pink. I haven’t ever really died it before, but if the price is right…”  Maybe if enough people will pledge and encourage her she will do it. Go to the Post Falls Family Dental Centers fb page and post an Encouragement, and make a pledge for pink hair!

Rikenna and Teagan sporting their Pink Crystals!


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